Separating Depression Truths from Myths

Depression can be the cause or the effect of drug abuse. Many people suffering from depression try to escape from the negative feelings by drowning themselves with alcohol or numbing their senses with drugs. On the other hand, depression can also be a result of drug addiction. Many drug abusers have reportedly suffer from depression after long-term abuse of drugs. Thus, it is important to understand depression to help our loved ones, especially our kids, manage their feelings and avoid the possibility of drug abuse.

depressionMyth: Depression is a passing feeling and will just go away after some time.
Fact: Depression is a major medical condition. It does not simply go away after days of shopping or nights of partying. It is a serious condition involving brain patterns that can affect one’s life and functioning. It can even cause harm to the person suffering from it or to his loved ones.

Myth: Depression affects the mind and rarely affects the body.
Fact: Depression can cause serious pains to the physical body. Common manifestations of depression are irritability, anxiety and despair. However, it can also cause chest pain, headache, back pain, digestive problems, sleeping problems, nausea and vomiting, muscle ache, and change in appetite.

Myth: Positive thinking can cure depression.
Fact: As depression is a serious medical condition affecting the brain, most people suffering from it cannot bounce back by mere optimism. Depressed people need to seek professional help to achieve a balance in brain chemicals.

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