Santana Moss and His Connection with Dr. Anthony Galea

The fact that Santana Moss was dragged into the controversy surrounding Dr. Anthony Galea has some people wondering: did the Washington Redskins wide receiver get human growth hormone from the Toronto sports doctor or not?

He is, after all, not the only sports star whose name is being dragged into this affair. Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have all been treated by Dr. Galea. “Treated with what?” is a question that remains to be answered.

Santana MossAccording to a report on the New York Daily News, Dr. Galea was on his way to Washington in order to treat Moss when his assistant, Mary Anne Catalano, was nabbed at the Peace Bridge border crossing in Buffalo. Galea is now being accused of unlawful distribution of HGH and smuggling, among other criminal charges. If convicted, Dr. Galea may have up to 20 years in an American prison.

HGH is banned by the NFL, although it does not test for it. There is speculation that Moss may face disciplinary action for using banned substances due to the issue, but a feature on shares that Coach Mike Shanahan is said to be confident that Moss will not be disciplined.

Fellow Washington Redskins athlete Phillip Daniels said that Moss shared that he was undergoing treatments under Dr. Galea’s care, and the treatments were described as routine and did not have anything to do with banned substances.

Coach Shanahan said: “I sat down and talked to Santana today and went through a bunch of situations that have happened to him, and I feel really good about where he’s at. I feel real good that he’ll be, I don’t know if ‘vindicated’ is the word, but when people find out all the facts, everything will be OK.”

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