Lindsay Lohan and Her Troubles: Are Her Parents to Blame?

Type in her name on any search engine and you will most likely find a list of entries following her and her family’s misadventures – more that than the good things that she has accomplished as a child star. Her reputation nowadays only seems to evoke images of wild parties, drugs and booze; where is the befreckled Annie/Hallie people used to love?

Lindsay LohanTo say that Lindsay Lohan seems to be in trouble may be an understatement. Some might say: what is it to the rest of the world? The thing is, she is a celebrity; and one who saw stardom as a child. Whether we like it or not, what she does can affect some households in one of two ways: kids may learn what they ought not to do, or follow suit.

In a recent post on Associated Content, it is shared that Lindsay showed up late for her third attempt at giving a deposition regarding her DUI arrest in 2007. She allegedly stole a vehicle with three people in it while drunk and took them for a joyride. Her mom Dina reportedly came to LA to make sure that Lindsay showed up this time; this was her last chance after skipping the first two. And why was she late? Could it be that she was seen partying till 2 a.m. at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood as reported on E! Online with her mom in tow?

And where was concerned dad Michael at that time? Why at Industry Club, of course.

We have written quite a bit about the role that a family plays in the success – and failure – of turning a troubled person’s life around. While it may be unfair for anyone to judge, one cannot help but think; how exactly is Lindsay going to get up, if there doesn’t seem to be anyone fit enough to prop her up?

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