Are Random Drug Tests in Schools the Answer to Teen Drug Abuse?

We found an editorial on that spoke out against the idea of schools implementing random drug tests among students, particularly those who intend to engage in extra-curricular activities.

drug free schoolDrug testing is something that is innately positive, but there are those who believe that there ought to be boundaries as to when this should be employed, especially if done at random. When done in the context of ensuring fair play in a professional athletic competition or in assessing one’s potential to endanger other people’s lives, then drug testing is certainly a good thing. However, there are those who feel that subjecting high school students to such a treatment may foster a feeling of distrust and place a sweeping stigma over a certain group of students.

On the flip side, randomly testing those who are in positions of respect and authority among students — and revealing how these young men and women are vice- and substance- free — may invoke feelings of admiration from their peers and inspire them to keep down the straight and narrow path.

It will certainly take more than random drug tests to deter young people from experimenting with illegal substances, but it can be a powerful aid. There is a need to deal with teenagers in a creative manner, as the wrong approach will have the potential of bringing more harm than good. As far as schools are concerned, it may be beneficial for them to proactively work with parents and guardians in finding a way to protect kids from the dangers of drug abuse. Education and fostering a caring environment may even generate a more positive outcome than questioning students’ integrity.

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