Warning Signs of Abusive Relationships

When one is young and relatively inexperienced in handling relationships, one may not be able to tell when he or she is already being abused and may decide to stay in a relationship no matter how abusive it is. Here are some of the signs of an abusive relationship. If you feel you, your child or your friend is suffering from relational abuse, seek help and find a way out.

abusive relationships1. Jealousy

This is the most basic and primary symptom of abusive relationships. Your partner tries to control you by demanding most of your time and keeping you away from your family and friends.

2. Violence

Your partner easily loses his or her temper and may inflict bodily harm on you by slapping, punching or pushing. Remember, though, that bodily harm is only one of the many warning signs. The absence of physical abuse does not mean that he or she is not abusing you.

3. Humiliation

Your partner shame, humiliate, demean or embarrass you. It does not matter if he or she does it privately or in front of other people. A healthy relationship must allow you to grow, not to lose confidence in yourself.

4. Drug Abuse

Your partner abuses alcohol and drugs, and pressures you to abuse drugs as well. People in abusive relationships may eventually find drug abuse an attempt to manage the pain.

5. Sexual Pressures

Your partner demands sexual activities even if you have already made it clear to him or her that you are not ready. He or she may make you feel that not giving to his or her demands means you don’t love him or her enough.

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