Stupid Things People Do When They’re High

Did you ever stop to wonder what people are actually capable of when they’re high? Well, they do a lot of crazy things since being high is somehow a kind of release — from inhibitions and proper thinking. This mental state can make one believe that anything and everything is possible, even if they’re not. There are serious detrimental side-effects to this condition, which makes it quite unpleasant to experience.

Harold and KumarTake the lead characters of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, a film about two friends who decided to go to White Castle after smoking cannabis. Of course, the trip did not prove to be as easy as they initially thought and they went quite a long way before reaching the restaurant.

Behavior during drug use is a central theme in the movie, as shown by its seemingly ridiculous premise. For neophytes in this genre, it may take a while to get used to since the shock factor of the things that they do may prove to be too extreme for some. But when placed vis-à-vis the real behavior of drug users, Harold and Kumar are rather manageable since drug abusers can resort to violence and lots of crazier things in order to acquire drugs.

While the movie itself is comical in nature, it also makes you think: do you want others to see yourself that way — the laughing stock of your group, to not be treated seriously by your peers and colleagues? I don’t think so. It’s probably one of the movies you can check to see how stupid one can be when on drugs.

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