Basic Components of Drug Rehabilitation

While we all know how a drug rehabilitation program can be very useful to a drug abuser, we must be aware that there are many methods of treatment being offered by different facilities these days. The decision then becomes a little more difficult than simply entering a rehabilitation center. A professional will be able to help determine which methods will work best for specific circumstances.

drug rehabNo matter what the rehabilitation program is, there are 3 basic components that must be included in it – detoxification, therapy and integration.

Detoxification aims to remove the toxins and chemicals in a drug abuser’s body. This may be the most painful phase in the program since the symptoms of withdrawal may be difficult to bear. The body has been used to the effects of the drugs and the absence of such drugs may lead to chills, vomiting, pain and hallucinations. Drug detoxification can be a lengthy process, and extreme patience is crucial.

Therapy is the process in which the patient tries to learn how to physically and mentally cope with the substance withdrawal. It is an important phase in the rehabilitation process as it is during this that the patient reconciles with his wrong decisions and resolves to avoid drugs.

During the integration phase, the patient prepares himself to go back to society and become a responsible, useful member of the community. This stage aims to help the patient avoid relapses while living a normal life outside the rehabilitation center.

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