The District Does Its Homework on Medical Marijuana

The District of Columbia is one of the states that are still at that stage where it is looking at the legalization of medical marijuana – and based on an article on The Washington Post, they are trying to do their homework before taking “the plunge”.

medical marijuanaAnd the way they do that is by looking at what has – and has not – worked in the other states that have already legalized medical marijuana. Indeed, there is a lot to be learned from what others have experienced.

The objective of DC officials is two-fold, a program “that strikes a delicate balance” between giving safe access to medical marijuana to those who need it while preventing its abuse by those who only use the drug for recreational purposes.

The article also shares that the DC Council has been contacted by, among others, a company from the Netherlands that is offering indoor-growing technology and a California-based dispensary that is proposing a new franchise to the Drug Enforcement Agency. All these only served to strengthen officials’ resolve “to get this right.”

Debates on the legalization of medical marijuana in the District of Columbia are set to start this month, and at the forefront is council member David A. Catania, who is the legislation’s leading sponsor. Catania says: “We are not an island unto ourselves… We have to be careful that we don’t have a system that creates more mischief than benefit.”

If approved, DC officials need to think about whether the proposed five retail-type dispensaries will suffice, where seeds will be planted, and what conditions will qualify for treatment, among others.

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