Common Myths on Alcohol Abuse

One of man’s favorite drugs to abuse is alcohol, and it’s also one of those plagued with lots of myths to get away with abusing it. Here are some of the common myths.

alcohol drinkingMyth 1: Everyone drinks.

That is totally not true. As mentioned, it’s one of the commonly abused drugs, but not everyone drinks alcohol. For teens, only a little more than 30% drink which means there are more who do not.

Myth 2: Alcohol improves sex.

Drinking alcohol does not improve sexual performance. The only thing it can do is lower one’s inhibitions, which means someone under the influence of alcohol is more willing to experiment and try new things. But the truth is that alcohol can affect a man’s ability to keep an erection as well as a woman’s sexual drive. This means that alcohol actually does more harm than good to your sexual life.

Myth 3: Drink liquor before beer, not the other way around, to avoid feeling sick.

It does not matter what alcoholic beverages you drink or in what order you drink them. What counts is how much alcohol you have taken in total. The percentage of alcohol in your blood will be affected by every bottle or glass of alcoholic drink you take in, regardless of order or kind.

Myth 4: The worst side effects of excessive drinking are vomiting, passing out and getting a bad headache the morning after.

Let’s get straight to the point — long-term, heavy drinking of alcohol can cause nausea, disturbed sleep, asphyxiation, alcohol poisoning, heart attack, stroke and death. Yes, death.

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