What To Do When You Don’t Like Your Teen’s Friends

There is so little you can do to truly influence your teen’s choice of friends. Sometimes, you approve of his or her choice; sometimes, you don’t. We can’t really blame parents if they often disapprove. It’s natural to be protective of our loved ones, especially given how potent peer pressure can be these days, but it is always best not to overdo it.

friendsWe all have the tendency to ‘judge a book by its cover’, as they say – just as many parents do to our teen’s friends. Just because you don’t like the way they dress does not necessarily mean you can’t possibly get along with them. There is a reason why your child is hanging out with him or her. Try your best to figure out why.

If your teen suddenly brings home with him a spiky-haired, tight-jean wearing, tattooed rocker guy and introduces him to you as his best friend, do not freak out! Take a breath. Remember that sometimes, good things come in strange packages. Try your very best not to openly judge your teen’s friends. Instead of judging, ask him questions about his friend. Simply being genuinely curious about your teen’s friends sends a message that you are interested in his life.

Parents want their children to hang-out with the right kind of people. They hate bad influences. But sometimes because of that over-protectiveness, we lose sight of the fact that people are imperfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect friend for your teen. Try your best to keep an open mind. Remember that the way you, as a parent, act around your teen’s friends plays a very big role on how your child sees you in general.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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