Teen Suicide: Dangerous Signs to Look Out For

The issues surrounding teen suicides are very complex. Suicide is rare among the early youth and steadily grows as they go into their adolescence. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the third-leading cause of death for those 15- to 24 years of age is suicide, surpassed only by homicide and accidents. It is the eighth leading cause of death for people all over the world.

Teens, male or female, are at risk of suicide, although boys are more likely to commit suicide than girls. Although this is a very tragic and shocking fact, there is a way for parents to prevent this from ever happening. Parents should be wary of depression, because they are almost always connected with thoughts of death.

Here is a list of warning signs that parents should look out for:

•    Troubled romantic relationships
•    Difficulty in maintaining relationships with others
•    Lowered grades and output in school
•    Rebellious and devious behavior
•    Pulling away from friends and family members
•    Drawing, writing or talking (even jokingly) about death
•    Dramatic changes in personality
•    Appearance change
•    Sleep deprivation
•    Alcohol or drug use
•    Having a history of suicidal nature

If you notice that a teen is depressed, do not feel intimidated. Talk to him or her. Reassurance of love and trust is a powerful tool against the feeling of solitude and depression. Always remember to listen and to not judge. Never dismiss your teen’s concerns as something insignificant. If you suspect that your teen is suicidal, then you should seek professional help right away. Ask your doctor for treatment programs available. Suicidal thoughts or inclinations are a medical emergency and toodangerous to ignore.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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