Stay Involved Without Sabotaging Your Teen’s Social Life

Parents usually commit the mistake of being too forward with their kids. Teens usually need space of their own, and it is important to remember that they have their own personalities that need and beg to be respected. Getting involved in a very important stage of development – adolescence — is very crucial, so care must be taken.


parent-teen commnicationThe ultimate key for any success in the relationship between teen and parent is communication. Talking with your teen means you want to be involved in your teen’s life. It may only take a few minutes a day to talk to the teens in order to understand and perhaps detect potential depression problems. Listen carefully and actively, and remember that you do not need to always give advice. Often, listening is enough.

Family Trips

Family trips and get-togethers are very effective to get to know your child. Going on a family trip is a great way to establish good communication lines between you and your child.

Adult-Supervised Activities

Activities like participation in organized sports, after-school programs or youth organizations are great ways to keep track of your child’s progress without necessarily you being there all the time. A parent can monitor his child’s progress and personality by asking school administrators, teachers and peers leading the activities.

It is also important that you should make your home available in case your teen wants to invite his or her friends over. Doing activities at home is great way to know your child’s friends and have a better idea of their activities. You can get to know your teen better if you were able to observe firsthand how he is around friends.

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