Ecstasy: Dangerous, Deadly, Unnecessary

Sometimes called X, XTC, Adam or the Lover’s Speed, ecstasy has been an ever present threat in underground social events. But what it is exactly?

ecstasyEcstasy is a drug taken that heightens physical and sensual experience. Although it has its dangers most of its users are surely aware of, the X pill has still been prevalent in underground parties and club raves. Ecstasy is a disabling drug that causes the user to lose crucial levels of consciousness. The drug’s incapacitating power often lead to many accounts of rape, theft and even death; mixing ecstasy with other party elements like alcohol or marijuana can be a deadly cocktail.

If you find yourself to be in a situation where you or someone you know had somehow accidentally taken ecstasy, it is important to be around people you trust. Ecstasy renders a taker vulnerable. It is important that you stay with company and get medical help ASAP.  If the taker is vomiting while laying down, make him or her sit up or stand with his head down. Make sure to keep cool and encourage the taker to breath normally and to be calm as well. Ecstasy has a heating effect to the brain, and most of ecstasy-related deaths are caused by dehydration.

Ecstasy is an illegal drug and is definitely not necessary to have a good time in a party. Be smart! Make sure to be safe, and avoid any contact with illegal substances that will put you to danger.

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