Poverty, Loss of Hope and Drug Abuse

Given the state of affairs of the world today, everyone is doing their part in cutting back their costs. Those with lavish lifestyles are forced to tighten their belts at least a notch, since the global economic crisis has made life a bit more difficult. The situation is felt harder by people in the middle class and lower class, who live their lives from paycheck to paycheck – for those still with jobs, at least. When all hope for financial security seems lost, some people could turn to drugs for the solution, desiring to escape reality if only for a brief moment.

hopelessness may lead to drug abuseWith life becoming increasingly harder by the day, you can’t really blame some people for turning to drugs. The rate of unemployment has become depressing over the past few years, where people experience being out of job for a period longer than they initially expected. In despair, some people choose to do drugs. The sad reality about this situation is that it may even be harder to get out of this trap.

It would be easy to preach that people should work harder instead of wasting their lives away on drugs, but actually doing this may not be as easy. The best way to fight against this trap is to give them hope for life, to give them another reason to live their lives more meaningfully again.

While poverty does not necessarily lead to drug abuse, the sense of hopelessness that the former brings is a powerful and compelling force to deal with, and this is not something that everyone can readily face. Understanding this fact is key to overcoming this challenge.

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