Peer Pressure and Teenage Alcohol Abuse

To say it’s easy to raise a child is to deny that parenthood is a huge responsibility. Definitely, it could take a parent his whole life to bring up another human being with the highest ideals.  The job is even made more difficult as the child enters into adolescence when external influences could be most powerful and damaging. One of such influences a parent should always be on guard against is that towards teenage alcohol abuse.

alcohol abuseDue to the physical and physiological changes they undergo during adolescence, teenagers tend to be impulsive and easily excited by things around them, especially those that make them feel closer to what they misconceive to be important in shaping their identity.  Of course, peers are always a part of every teenager’s quest for self-identity. Unfortunately, not everyone that our teens meet is a good influence. Teenagers are particularly at risk of being influenced into alcohol abuse and every concerned parent must never take the possibilities for granted.

The goal of parents then must be to raise teenagers who can take care of themselves when faced with unhealthy peer influences. However, it is as important to recognize the fact that children these days no longer follow orders without reasons.

In other words, when educating teenagers about the dangers of alcohol abuse, it is necessary to patiently and objectively present the entire picture. The world has become an increasingly unsafe place, but with responsible adults never letting their guards down in protecting their children, it can remain as a wonderful place for our children.

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