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Teen Parties Without Drugs, Sex and Alcohol

You can’t blame teenagers for being unruly and wild sometimes; that’s just how they are. The hormonal growth during this stage of life is overwhelming, and this also shows through the parties that they throw. Teen parties are generally known as being huge riots with loud music and probably lots of dancing. Sex, alcohol and drugs may (or may not) be involved in these parties, and preventive measures must be taken if you don’t want anything bad to happen to your growing teenager.

teen partySo, what do you do if one of these parties were thrown at your place? Well, if it must happen there, set a rule that discourages closed doors during the party. This in turn discourages any “funny business” that may happen during this time. This may also lessen the likelihood of drug use, sex, and uninhibited alcohol consumption.

If your teenager has to attend a party at a different place, set and agree on a curfew. While this may seem constricting on the part of the teen, explain that you’re doing it out of concern for their safety, and not because you want to limit their freedom and prevent them from having any fun.

Always let them know that you can give them a ride home when they need it. It is important that they know this, since there may come a point during the night that they may be drunk or just too sleepy to drive back home by themselves.

While many teen parties are known to be wild, it doesn’t mean that you need to restrain them from attending these. Going to these parties every once in a while can be a good thing, but make sure that they are safe. After all, it is your child that’s going, and not anybody else’s.

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How to Deal with Your Spouse’s Drug Problem

The sacrament of matrimony – where a couple exchanges vows and say the two life-changing words “I do” – is perhaps the peak of everyone’s romantic fantasies. It is perhaps everybody’s secret wish to have a happily ever after with the one that they love. For some, it may work for a few years, but then reality starts to sink in. Life becomes more of a rollercoaster after that, and the challenges that come may change you in a lot of ways. If life as husband and wife wasn’t difficult enough, compound that with your spouse’s drug problem – what you do then?

drug abuseIf your partner has a drug problem, it may be very difficult for you to understand why and how it happened. You may feel depressed at finding out about the habit, since you may feel that your partner no longer finds happiness or satisfaction in your company, seeking the artificial “high” of drugs rather than the joy of having a real and constant companion.

This same drug problem may also very well be the reason why your marriage can fall apart. People can do crazy things under the influence – things that they might live to regret afterwards. They may become more violent as the addiction grows stronger. This violence may be turned against you or your kids, and this is something that you most probably don’t want to happen.

Learn to address the problems behind your spouse’s drug addiction. Get therapy for his addiction and counseling for the both of you. It may be a painful process to go through, but persevere; it’s not an impossible goal to complete. Take it slow, but also make sure that your resolve to get through this phase of life remains intact, this determination may also be the very thing that can save your marriage.

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Steroid Abuse of Teen Athletes

The pressures of being in a sports team can prove too much for some young athletes, as the main point is to become better at what they can do, whether it is baseball, basketball or football. While working hard remains to be the best way to improve in the sport, some choose to turn to steroids to further enhance performance. The enhancements caused by steroids are mainly physical, but it is not uncommon to see mental breakdowns because of these.

teen's bodySteroids are often used to increase body mass, and these often deal with hormonal augmentation. While this may be benefit you if you’re trying to win a Mr. Muscleman competition, the long-term effects of steroids far outweigh its benefits. Not only do you risk damage to your liver, heart and kidney, but it can also affect your mental and emotional states. The worst part of it is that it can also affect your sexual development as a whole.

Getting caught using steroids is another thing to risk. It’s an act that’s generally frowned upon, simply because the pride of being in a sports team revolves around the concept of hard work and determination. While steroids may enhance physical strength, they can cause a lot of grief when people start talking about you and your drug problem. It would be a more difficult task to gain their trust again.

While there are physical benefits to using steroids, they pale in comparison to the set of disadvantages that surround their use.

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Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse

The bad thing about prescription drugs is that they are readily available in your local pharmacy, and they are no less dangerous than the drugs you get on the street. Just because you can get some at any time does not mean in any way that they are safe to use. When taken non-medically and in excess quantities, they can do a lot of damage to your body and may even cause death.

prescription drugsThe problems that prescription drugs can bring are real. The most commonly abused of these are painkillers, cough syrup, sleeping pills and other sedatives. While the drugs each serve a corresponding purpose, using them for the wrong reasons can lead to an early end. Famous people all over the world have paid with their lives for what they thought as a great way to escape the sadness and pain of their lives, but despite taking these, there still remains a certain level of emptiness within, which is why they continue drug use until their last breath.

So, how does one avoid addiction to prescription drugs? The first thing is to strive to be happy. Keep in mind that most abusers of this drug type are often depressed and seek out anything to relieve them of their sadness. Looking at bigger picture of life helps, and often at a much larger level than you originally anticipated.

Of course, this is something that is easier said than done. But the important thing is that you do not give in to life’s problems. It may take a great amount of willpower to do so, but it’s better than being a slave to something as small as a pill or a syrup bottle.

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Abusing Sleeping Pills May Not Get You The Sleep You Need

Sleeping pills are a kind of medicine for people who have trouble sleeping, and this is a kind of medicine that is highly sought-after by insomniacs and troubled people. They often turn to this if their sleeping conditions have become unbearable, and this can lead to serious problems later on if the drug is abused. Let’s first try to go over at the reasons why people take sleeping pills.

sleeping pillsAs previously stated, sleeping pills are made to help people sleep. They are particularly strong sedatives that easily put you to sleep. Of course, the effect of the sedative isn’t lasting – it’s just enough to make you drowsy.

The other reason why people take sleeping pills is not as straightforward as the first. Some take it during times of depression. It is generally inadvisable to do so, since taking pills in a relatively unstable mental condition can lead to addiction. The reason why sleeping pills are taken in this state is mainly because of their sedative quality – it numbs the pain, it helps you forget, and it takes you far away from the world. These traits are more than enough to get people hooked to these drugs.

As with all drugs, it has its own adverse effects. Overdosing on the pills can drive you into a state of comatose, and, in some cases, death. Some also choose to compound the effects of the pills with other drugs, and the fatality of the drugs is also compounded in this case. If you have any health problems, these pills may also complicate whatever condition that you have.

Before taking any sleeping pills, remember that these are drugs meant to aid you in getting sleep. These were not meant to treat stress or depression, and addiction to these could do more harm to you than good.

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Understanding Parent Alcoholism

It’s not easy being a child of an alcoholic. To some, it’s an insurmountable obstacle that can be too difficult to manage. No matter how difficult the situation may be, it stands as a great challenge to overcome — although not everyone has the strength to do it.

So, why do parents become alcoholics? There is perhaps no single reason why this is so, since there are a lot of factors to consider. There may be bad experiences caused by these factors, and sometimes people bring these up until their adulthood.

alcoholismThe problems that an alcoholic’s family faces are as many as the reasons for starting. Alcohol abuse interferes with family life as it desensitizes the parent from the world, and they may spend less time, if at all, with their children, preferring the company of the drink instead. Alcoholics are also more prone to aggression and violence, and are more easily agitated by the smallest of things –and this is what makes the condition of alcoholism especially dangerous. Being intoxicated has an adverse effect on the parent’s behavior, and the person under the influence may no longer be the loving mother or father that you once knew.

As time passes by and as the condition worsens, you may find that your parent would spend more time drinking than doing anything else. Unlike drug addiction, this is a situation that many would have difficulty defining as a problem, especially since drinking has become a part of everyday life for generations. But the truth of the matter is that it is a problem, and it can harm family life and destroy it if left unchecked.

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