Keep Alert on the Early Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

You can’t blame your teen too much for wanting to try drugs at some point in his life. Doing drugs has become sort of a social thing these days, and the best way to help your teen avoid drugs is to discover the signs of addiction before he goes in too deep with drugs.

teen drug abuseYou may find your teen displaying signs of erratic behavior, especially during the first few months of drug use. He may seem more secretive than usual, demanding privacy over the littlest of things. He may tend to go to more secluded places, and may lock himself in a room for an indefinite period of time for apparently no reason at all.

The next sign you have to watch out for is his physical appearance. While drugs may not have a direct impact on one’s grooming, he may start showing signs of caring less for his appearance and more for his craving and addiction. He may start to bathe less than usual.

He may also start to become more and more aggressive as time passes by. This can be the result of prolonged withdrawal from drugs, and he may become violent as the craving intensifies. If any of these signs occur, immediately confirm your teen’s condition by having them go through a drug test. If the results show positive, then it may be time to seek professional help and treatment.

Be vigilant in recognizing the signs of teen drug abuse. Help him end it early and save his life.

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