How to Ensure a Drug-Free Party for Your Teens

In many occasions, drugs are distributed at gatherings where parents are absent. Thus, if your child is hosting a get-together for his or her friends, it may be a good idea for you – the parent – to be around to make sure that no drugs or alcohol will be distributed.  It is also the best way to get acquainted with your child’s friends.

party drugsFor a larger crowd, ask another responsible adult to help you make sure that alcohol and drugs are not circulated in the party. Make your presence discreet to avoid discomfort, though; your children and their guests will not be too happy with Dad and Mom hovering around.

Disruptive and rowdy guests must be asked to leave the party immediately. The parents of the said guests must be informed right away so they can be picked up.

To enable the parent to manage the activities during the party, it is better to host small parties. Large crowd, oftentimes, can be unmanageable as the party progresses.  The most important thing is to make sure that no alcoholic drinks or drugs will be served during the party.

For parties where your child is a guest, confirm with the host parents that they know about the party. Let them know where to contact you in case your child needs you.  Providing transportation for your child in going to and from the party is essential.  Otherwise, ask the parent of another guest to give your child a ride.  Remind your child that he can call you if he needs a ride home.  Finally, set a curfew.  Your child must know the time when he is expected to be home.

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