What Happens to Kids of Parents Facing Drug Abuse?

It’s difficult being a parent during a time when things like sex, violence and drugs are just around the corner. Most of us would want to raise our kids right, hoping that they can get through virtually unscathed. Of course, some of us don’t always have the means to do so, and all we can do is to hope for the best for our children. But what if the roles were reversed? What if the parents were the ones who needed help with a drug problem? What would happen then?

drug addiction in the familyThis poses a big problem for both the individual and his children. As if the phenomenon of drug addiction wasn’t bad enough to deal with, the offspring would have to suffer the effects as well. Children generally look up to their parents as their role models in life. They tend to emulate the actions of those older than them, and parents have a considerable amount of influence.  In this case, they will subconsciously believe that it’s okay for them to do drugs since their parents are actually doing it.

This situation can also put a considerable strain on the social life of the children. After all, no one likes to be called the child of a drug addict. This stereotyping by the child’s peers can do great harm to his/her self-esteem, and chances are that they will find it excruciatingly difficult to gain confidence about their own potentials and abilities.

If you are a parent, always think of your children – will the pleasure from drugs really worth losing the love and respect of your children?

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