Lip Gloss + Drug Testing Kit = Safe Date

Regardless of the occasion and the season, date rape is a very real threat, and women should be equipped to handle such a situation. The trouble is, pepper spray will not be of any use whatsoever if you already finished the drink and you are feeling all woozy.

An entrepreneur in the UK has set up a business that hopes to help prevent instances of involuntary drugging among women – without necessarily taking away the right to have a little fun out on the town. Her product – lip gloss – is harmless enough and will undoubtedly help a woman feel a little more sexy and pretty. But along with the lip gloss is a drug testing kit that can identify the more common substances used in spiking drinks in bars and clubs.

lip glossThis is certainly an interesting concept. The product comes with a drug testing kit in the form of a simple pink taper. The strip has been treated to detect GHB and Ketamine, common street drugs that are reportedly commonly used in bars and clubs in the UK. If, for instance, a woman is caught in a situation where she is feeling suspicious of her drink – such as if a cute guy at the bar suddenly ups and buys her one – she no longer needs to cut her night short and leave; all that she needs to do is to dab her finger in the drink and then rub each end of the taper. If they turn blue, then that is your cue to ask your friends for help and call security.

We have yet to test this out for ourselves; the product is marketed in the UK, although Whittaker has mentioned plans of marketing the product in the US as well.

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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