Drug Addiction and Man’s Raw Desire for Acceptance

A drug problem is something that people will not easily admit. After all, it is something that can effectively make one a social outcast.

drug abuse acceptanceWhen you start to take drugs, it may be for fun, or even just to forget your problems if only for a while. Whatever your reason, the social aspect of drug use is still there – some use it to be accepted in a certain clique, while others use it just to get away from society in general.

And there lies the main reason for not admitting the problem: the desire for acceptance. Think about it. What if your friend suddenly burst out that he has a drug problem? Would you ever look at him the same way again? Perhaps a desire to help him might grow out from you, but the initial shock on your face is enough to discourage your friend from admitting. No one wants to be looked at with pity, disgust, or contempt.

If you want to encourage your friend to admit the drug problem, try to be understanding about his plight. Remember that fighting drug addiction is never easy especially during the later stages, since their craving for the substance can be both uncontrollable and near insatiable.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate his addiction. Advise your friend to get help, and remind him of the things that he would lose if he stays addicted to drugs. Be compassionate and understanding, but also remember to be firm with him about recovering from drug addiction.

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