Drug Abuse and Irreversible Brain Damage

In our lives, it is a well-known and sometimes unaccepted fact that all things change. While the good parts in life may not last as much as we would like them to, be relieved that the opposite also applies: the bad things in life don’t last forever either. With this in mind, we must stand resilient against life’s challenges and find ways to move forward.

brainThis nugget of wisdom may be true, but in the context of brain damage caused by drug abuse, it’s a different story altogether. You may think that the process is reversible, but it is actually not. Most are probably thinking that our brain can just go back to the way it used to be if we have absolutely no contact with drugs for a prolonged period of time after a few episodes with drugs – just like getting some sleep to relieve yourself of fatigue or recovering from a dreadful hangover. Well, most are wrong.

If it were that easy, then it will be perfectly okay for everybody to do drugs and be heedless of the consequences of the act. However, our brain’s neurons do not restore themselves the way the rest of our body does. Anything that adversely affects our mental capacity and physical state is dangerous for our brain, and drugs are especially guilty in this case.

So before you even think about getting your fix or trying drugs for the first time, consider the long-term effects first. Is it really worth losing your mind over? Is it really worth wasting your life for?

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