Alcohol: Mankind’s Favorite Drug to Abuse

We often forget that alcohol is a drug. After all, it has become part of our culture to drink every once in a while, especially during celebrations, parties, and other social events. But on the other end of the spectrum, some of us also take alcohol when depressed or when we want to forget the worst memories of our lives. While it is acceptable to have a glass or two in parties, consuming it for the wrong reasons can contribute to the manifestation of an addiction to the substance.

wineThose who have drunk alcohol have felt the symptoms of intoxication. We get dizzy, we talk a lot more, and we seem to care a lot less about our environment and about the things we do. Because of the perception that their worries and anxieties disappear the more they drink alcohol, people sometimes refer to their alcoholic drinks as “liquid courage”. But in truth, there is nothing at all courageous about consuming too much alcohol. Those addicted to alcohol are more susceptible to committing acts of violence, since alcohol impairs rational judgment.

As with all other drugs, alcohol also has its own set of adverse effects on the body. These include episodes of severe anxiety, chills, and hallucinations. On the physical level, it can kill brain cells and do great damage to your liver. And the more you consume alcohol, the harder it gets to escape the addiction, since cutting yourself off from the substance can lead to withdrawal symptoms. The long-term effects are not at all pleasant, but since these are hidden by the sense of intoxication that alcohol brings, we forget to care about details like these.

Thus, it may be alright to drink alcohol on occasion, but keep in mind that you can never have too much of anything.

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