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Dangers of Abusing Depressants and Stimulants

It may come as a surprise to some, but the truth is that you don’t really need to go very far to find addicting drugs. Some believe that the dangerous drugs are only available in the streets, and that you can’t find them anywhere else. On the contrary, even the most common of drugs in the market can be dangerous if taken non-medically and in unreasonably large doses.

prescription drug abuseSo, what are the most commonly abused prescription drugs? Depressants, which include the very common cough syrup and painkillers, are highly abused prescription drugs. Abusers often take these because they like the sense of being numb, of being unable to feel any kind of pain or anxiety. This artificial state of induced calm can be dangerous in the long-term, especially in the case of central nervous system depressants, which can permanently alter a person’s mental state adversely.

Stimulants are also highly abused prescription drugs. Most prescription drugs of this type are often used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy, since these are the type of drugs that give you an artificial sense of being energetic and high, but abusers often take them as “performance enhancers”. Stimulants can be extremely dangerous as they can cause a person to behave more aggressively toward his peers and colleagues, and the euphoria that the drugs seem to bring also alter a person’s rational thinking.

Although prescription drugs are available legally and can be bought from your local pharmacy, using them for reasons other than what has been prescribed by doctors can be dangerous and even deadly.

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Living with — and Loving — a Drug Addict

It’s never easy living with a person who has a growing and dangerous dependence for drugs. Our natural first inclination when dealing with this kind of situation is to a) turn a blind eye on it, b) be extremely annoyed or disappointed, or c) plan a rehabilitation program so he or she can kick the habit off. Whatever our choice is, the fact will remain that living with a drug addict can be difficult and even dangerous.

help-drug-addictionUnfortunately, you can’t force anyone to just kick the habit off. Doing this would only cause conflict, arguments and pain on both your parts. Perhaps the best you can do in is to first understand why he or she is doing it, and you can be surprised at the reasons and motivations behind the act itself. While there are those who do it for the sheer joy that they perceive it brings, there are others who do it because of the overwhelming desire to escape reality.

Understanding the reasons and motivations for doing drugs does not mean that you have to be tolerant of the act. As someone living with a drug addict, you must do your best to discourage him or her in seeking drugs as a primary means of escape. Seek new ways of having fun in order to create a sort of distraction from drug use.

If the addiction is at its critical stages, it will be harder for you to do this alone, as his or her body would have already developed an insatiable craving for the substance. The best you can do in this situation is to help him or her find the initiative to get treatment – a most difficult task, but one that would definitely be worth it all.

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Drug Addiction and Man’s Raw Desire for Acceptance

A drug problem is something that people will not easily admit. After all, it is something that can effectively make one a social outcast.

drug abuse acceptanceWhen you start to take drugs, it may be for fun, or even just to forget your problems if only for a while. Whatever your reason, the social aspect of drug use is still there – some use it to be accepted in a certain clique, while others use it just to get away from society in general.

And there lies the main reason for not admitting the problem: the desire for acceptance. Think about it. What if your friend suddenly burst out that he has a drug problem? Would you ever look at him the same way again? Perhaps a desire to help him might grow out from you, but the initial shock on your face is enough to discourage your friend from admitting. No one wants to be looked at with pity, disgust, or contempt.

If you want to encourage your friend to admit the drug problem, try to be understanding about his plight. Remember that fighting drug addiction is never easy especially during the later stages, since their craving for the substance can be both uncontrollable and near insatiable.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate his addiction. Advise your friend to get help, and remind him of the things that he would lose if he stays addicted to drugs. Be compassionate and understanding, but also remember to be firm with him about recovering from drug addiction.

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Where the Drugs Can be Hidden Inside Your Homes

Living with a drug addict is never a pleasant scenario for anyone. This can be the cause of a lot of sticky situations, conflicts, and misunderstandings. Unless you are also an addict yourself, you will not stand for this and make ways to get out of this mess. You fight back, you try to kick your partner out, or you leave.

drugs in your own medicine cabinet at homeThe solutions don’t always have to be that extreme, though. Sometimes, all it takes is to formulate preventive measures; anticipate the situation before it even begins. The first and most important thing that you need to do in this case is to keep your home clear of drugs. This will also ensure that your kids don’t find drugs to abuse right within the confines of home.

The drugs can be hidden in the most predictable of places. They can be hidden under the bed, in the underwear drawer, under the kitchen sink, or just inside the bags. Also factor in prescription drugs into the list of dangerous and potentially addicting drugs. Look at your medicine cabinet and see if you find anything missing. When your cough syrup, sleeping pills, or painkillers are gone as quickly as you replenish them, you can be certain that something is definitely amiss.

As the addiction gets worse, the hiding places become much less evident, and this is where the horrors of searching begin. Look everywhere: the drugs can be hidden in the seam of their pants, stuffed inside their underwear, inside their shoes, under the tree in your backyard, in the doghouse – the entire household now ultimately becomes a place to hide the stash. Never underestimate the logic, or lack thereof, of those addicted to drugs.

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Drug Abuse: A Serious Social Illness

drug abuseIn modern society, desensitization is the name of the game. As long as media continues to advertise sex, violence, and drug use, more and more people will begin to think that these are acceptable modes of behavior. While it may be an extreme view to take, it cannot be denied the problems that society faces are grave, especially when talking about drug abuse. But here lies the trouble: since the process of desensitization has accelerated and intensified over the past decade because of the progression of media technology, how can we convince people, especially teenagers, to take this social ill called drug abuse seriously?

Perhaps the first thing to do in this situation is to continuously impress the fact that drug abuse is a serious social issue. Most of the time, we do not accept the realities that are right in front of us, and choose to believe that these things do not directly concern us. Quite the contrary — drug abuse not only has serious consequences on one’s body, but it also determines a person’s behavior within society. Those who are helplessly addicted to drugs find ways to obtain more of the substance, and this often results into their involvement in a life of harassment and/or crime.

Even if we are not directly involved in drug abuse, the process of attempting to eliminate it from our social system is a task that is of ultimate significance. Its social consequences are as severe as they come, and domestic violence and street crimes are just some of these.

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The Spiritual Approach to Drug Addiction Treatment

Being a drug addict is something that most would not be able to admit easily, much less accept. This reality is haunting – and we probably won’t be able to swallow that we’ve fallen so dependent on something that bears little significance to our lives. How can we, after all, become slaves to something so small, so unnecessary?

faithIt is during this time that a drug abuser’s spirit would feel devoid – believing that nothing in the world can take them away from their condition, and that nothing can save them from their fate. They give in to despair, completely giving up on life and bringing pain to their friends and family. Their loved ones would stay as long as they can to help, but their efforts would be in vain if the abuser will not help himself.

One effective approach to treatment is through faith. While there is a personal dimension to faith, belief in a higher power can help them see that their situation is not as helpless as they think it is. The important thing in this method is to allow them to realize that in each of them lies an innate strength granted to them by a Higher Being.

In this case, Scripture readings have a powerful effect on the drug addict. Parables of repentance and of salvation are the things that those in recovery yearn for the most. Not only are these reassuring, but the readings can give them a sense of hope that they too can be healed and saved from their plight.

Faith is a powerful tool to utilize during drug addiction treatment, and it is seen by many as one of the most effective methods. The spiritual approach to treatment can give them something to look forward to in their lives, as well as hope that they can be delivered from their situation.

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