Why Teens Are Susceptible to Drug Abuse

Several studies have revealed that teenagers are especially susceptible to drug use. While peer pressure may play a large role in this, there are also other factors to consider about this issue. Factors such as their psychosocial development and maturity level play a part as well.

teen drug abuseDuring adolescence, teenagers tend to be rash and headstrong. While this kind of behavior is what makes a teenager a teenager, there are in fact biological facts that can support this claim. Brain development during this stage begins to go on a rapid rate, and the decision-making, self-control and judgment parts of the brain start to change as well. Sometimes, teenagers don’t cope with this change well, and a lot of anxiety can result from being unable to cope with these changes.

Here, the teenager’s sense of what is right and wrong may be impaired for a while, and the frustration that can result from this may take a long time to completely disappear, if it actually does. Those seeking an escape to this sometimes do drugs, which is a clear sign of desperation to get away from the harsh realities of life.

Because adolescence is a period of transition from child to adult, the individual’s sense of maturity can change as well. The natural inclination during early adolescence is to go out and try and do activities for adults. These activities may include sex, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs.

The lack of understanding of the nature of these matters can lead teenagers to destroy their lives. Here, the importance of educating the young adolescent properly on drug abuse, drug effects, drug testing and drug rehabilitation becomes important, as most drug users don’t have the know-how of the effects of drug use in the long run.

Growing up can be quite painful, but it is important to make the teenager realize that delving into drugs doesn’t make life any better. Knowing the adolescent’s reasons for using drugs can aid a lot in significantly reducing the rate of drug addiction.

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