Different Forms of Stress That Lead to Drug Abuse

Why do people seek the thrill of using drugs? What is the one thing that keeps them coming back for more? While we may look for a lot of reasons to answer the questions, they all go back to a single source — the desire to escape from stress. So another question is raised: What kind of stress can lead to drug use?

One type of stress that can lead to drug use is extreme physical stress. Those that feel tired all the time may choose to take stimulants such as meth to artificially boost their system. This is often done in order to keep with another kind of stress that plagues them.

stressWork stress is one of the most notorious kinds of stresses that contribute to the incidences of drug use. While some choose to take stimulants to keep up with their workload, others choose to take depressants as a way of escaping the sense of being burdened too much.

Emotional stress is also another thing to consider when talking about drug use. Oftentimes, depression gives way to a lot of different things and can make people do crazy things, and taking drugs is one of them. Those who use drugs seek ways to relieve themselves of uncomfortable feelings, such as being overly excited through stimulant use, being apathetic because of depressant use, or fabricating an entirely new world through hallucinogen use.

Looking at these three types of stresses, it is not hard to imagine why people use drugs. Seeking an escape is one of the most basic of instincts that nature has provided, although attributing the answer to drug use may not be the wisest thing to do. New ways of combating stress must be found to prevent drug use, which is an activity that is already stressful in itself.

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