Initial Signs of Drug Abuse

Drugs have detrimental effects on the body. Whether you’re smoking, sniffing, or injecting the drug, the effect remains the same — an artificial sense of being “high”, a simulated form of being in a euphoric state. But at the same time, the adverse effects happen at a rapid rate. Symptoms such as paranoia and anxiety can happen, especially when the drugs are taken in high doses.

drug abuseSo what signs should you watch out for in order to check that your child, partner or anyone you know has been taking drugs? First off, try to look at the eyes: they’re bound to be bloodshot, brought about by the expansion of blood vessels in the eyes. Also look at the person’s reaction time. Is it slower than usual? Does his hand-eye coordination seem a bit off?

These initial symptoms can probably only mean that the person hasn’t gotten enough sleep, but couple that with the previously stated paranoia and anxiety and you got a possible drug abuser. Persons abusing drugs seem a bit jumpy even on ordinary days, since their heartbeats accelerate and their blood pressure can double.

So if your child, friend or partner seems to be a bit more sluggish than usual, and jumpy at even the smallest of things, there may be a chance that he or she is involved in drug use. Of course, these are just the basic symptoms, so drug testing may be necessary to confirm actual drug use.

While the euphoric state that drugs can bring may be tempting, its adverse effects far outweigh its positive ones. Drug usage can damage the body in so many ways, and the symptoms stated here are just at the tip of the iceberg.

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