Why are Young People Vulnerable to Drug Abuse?

young drug abuse

Experimenting with drugs at young age has become a vital concern of the people in this country. Often it is seen teenagers or more precisely the adolescents are more prone to abusing drugs. There was a time when most of them used the drugs without actually understanding its dire consequences. But today several preventive programs adopted at different levels have been quite successful in spreading the awareness about the ill-effects of substance use. But still teenage drug abuse is on the rise. The question is why is it so? Thus understanding the inherent factors is an absolute necessity to prevent teenage drug abuse.

There are varied reasons which account to teenage drug use, the most important of them being their struggle to overcome identity crisis and establish an identity of their own. Sometimes they have no one to share their concerns with and this is when the peer group takes the charge. They disregard parental guidance and are very prone to peer pressure. The Public Health Model shows that substance use is the result of an interaction between three factors –

The individual – the knowledge that the individual may have about substance use and its consequences as well as his coping skills with respect to the difficulties in his life and peer pressure may influence his decision to take drugs.

The substance – the availability of a substance is also a fundamental risk factor. The composition and nature of the substance can also influence its use.

The environment – the environment or the context of drug use is a very important factor. A number of factors within the environment increase the vulnerability of drug use. These are – behavior of parents, peers and role models, existing cultural norms, attitude about drug use, laws and policies regarding the availability of the substance, possibilities or perceived possibilities for livelihood and personal development.

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