Parents – Can you hear this?: Effects of Parents’ Drug Addiction in Family

alcoholoic parents

It has been a long time that we are focusing primarily on issues related to teenage addiction. As parents we are concerned about our children’s vulnerability to substance abuse. But did we ever focus on our own behavior? Parents serve as role models for children. Thus it is their responsibility to practice what they preach. If you ever try to delve deep into the reasons for a child’s addictive behavior, you will surely find that faulty learning process is the most important factor and parents, being the first teachers of a child, are the chief influencers.

There are a number of people who suffer from problems related to substance abuse but they prefer to keep them unaddressed due to shame or other social factors. I was just going through a post “Diane Schuler’s Death: kills buzz for moms who drink” and was just shocked to know how reckless a mother could be. Schuler, a 36 years old mother of two, met with a fatal accident on 26th July, 2009 when she crashed her minivan into an approaching traffic killing herself, her 2 year old daughter, three young nieces and three men in another car. Police said that shortly before the mishap, Schuler had smoked pot and drank 10 drinks worth of vodka. Her blood alcohol level was twice more than the permissible limit.

The incident of Diane Schuler is the extreme example of how kids suffer due their parents’ addiction. It is being said that in suburban areas like Westchester, the rate of drunken mothers driving with their children has been rising steadily. But most families pretend that the disease doesn’t exist and this worsens the situation.

Children of addicts are the silent sufferers. The irresponsible behavior of their parents fosters a sense of insecurity within them. They tend to become rebellious and ultimately find solace in drugs.

If substance abuse is a problem for you please seek help.

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