HairConfirm Drug Test Kit

hairconfirm test

Are you worried about your child’s changing behavior? Has he become moody, irritable and sluggish? Did you notice a change in his eating and sleeping habits? There could be several such questions that could be a sign of one of the most distressing questions that every parent would love to evade – “Is my child on drugs?”

Often anxious parents call up or visit specialists in the field of drug addiction to get an answer. But since the diagnosis is mostly symptom based, hence there could again be a question hanging on their heads. Several tests on hand have proved to be successful in detecting addiction. But the cooperation of the person concerned becomes the prime obstacle in most cases – especially those who already on drugs. HairConfirm Test is a valuable tool which can overcome this hurdle and help anxious and protective parents to confirm the truth.

The test has already proved its dependability in Britain. Now it is being marketed in the US and is gradually gaining popularity. Two types of tests are available – one covers the recreational drugs and the other covers prescription drugs. The test is based on the fact that illicit substances are embedded in the hair shaft for a longer period and are protected from contamination. Thus the authenticity of the test is much higher than tests that rely on urine sample which can detect drugs only upto three days after its use. It is also easier to obtain a hair shaft measuring 11/2in as close to the scalp as possible, put it in a pre-paid envelope and post it. The results will be available in a password protected website within 48 hours.

A note of warning for parents – please use the test cautiously since it could destroy the trust in the family. Transparency should be maintained to get your child’s support.

Do not be over anxious. Try to assess your child’s behavior in a realistic manner.

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