What are Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction


When we talk about drug addiction and its prevention one of the most obvious questions is “how do we know whether our loved ones are into drugs?”

There are certain symptoms which gives an indication and I think recognizing them is an absolute necessity to save those at risk. Before actually recognizing the symptoms you should be able to understand that there is something wrong in his/her life – health, behavior and attitude, social life, interest, performance in school or office – almost in every sphere. Of course the addict is the last person to realize or admit that he is having a problem. So he will never confess or ask for help until and unless he faces the rock bottom.

Some of the symptoms are

1. Change in appearance. The addict does not care about his physical look.
2. Eyes appear red and pupils are constricted.
3. A blank look.
4. Flushed or pale face.
5. Face looks puffy.
6. Change in eating and sleeping habits.
7. Unexplained weight loss or gain.
8. Change in physical co-ordination.
9. Slowing down, extreme laziness.
10. Missing school, absenteeism in workplace.
11. Slurring.
12. Compulsive lying.
13. Manipulative.
14. Sudden shift in interest and peer group.
15. Preferring to stay alone, avoiding social gatherings.
16. Increased need for money.

In case you want to assess yourself, look for the following warning signs;

1. There is a regular need for the drug, could be in same or increased amount.
2. Obsessive thoughts about procuring the drug and taking the next ‘fix’.
3. Best intentions to stop taking the drugs fail.
4. Drugs help you to function normally.
5. Doing dangerous activities under the influence of drugs.
6. Denying that addiction is a problem in your life.

Consult a specialist before it is too late. Start now. If you have some tips to share please let us now. Together we can definitely build a drug free world.

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