Should Marijuana be Legalized?


One of the most debated topics in the recent years is should marijuana be legalized?

I happened to go through some of the comments regarding the issue and was quite baffled to find that most of the comments were in favor of the issue. The points raised by them might seem to have some significance when compared with alcohol – a substance tagged as ‘legal’ but snatching away thousands of life every year.

According to them it is due to tough marijuana laws that exist in the country several people turn towards alcohol simply to avoid the consequences of being caught. According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism around 35,000 people die of alcohol related disease every year. Add to this the number of death cases resulting from drunken driving. Alcohol also triggers violence which is not evident in marijuana. It also seems to be less harmful to health.

Currently billions of money is being spent on chasing marijuana users, locking them in prison and treating them in rehabilitation centres. The burden falls on the tax payers. The money saved could be used for better purposes like adopting effective preventive measures.

They argue that prohibition does not work and it failed miserably with alcohol as well. Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs amongst American high school students. It is so easily available that around 100 million Americans have tried it at least once and there are nearly 15 million habitual users. The sellers aim at making money and a person need not be 21 years to get marijuana. But in case it is legalized there will be regulations to keep it away from kids.

Apart from these marijuana has medical, industrial, agricultural and religious uses as well.

But a word of caution for those who are propagating legalization of the drug – think about them who will end up with a dependency. Will it affect his health, wealth and relationship?

Pass it on. Help a friend or a loved one.

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